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This is my experience with my 2016 Titan XD. The first week of owning the truck I experience a leaking radiator that my dealer covers the cost of, $2900. I was without my truck for a few days. This was at 850 kms. I’m happy they fixed this problem. I drove my truck for another week and had the engine light come on. Apparently the exhaust sensor is not calibrated properly for life outside the testing facilities. I understand that. Nissan is covering that cost as well. However, being such a new truck, I am waiting for the sensor to arrive but the truck is still drivable. The truck now has 1900 km. This brings us to the 4th week. Exhaust fluid (DEF) light has come on and now the speed limiter has come into effect. Now my $65,000.00(Canadian) truck is sitting at the dealer for the second week. I called Nissan Canada and called my dealer. Neither have a time line in sight for the parts to arrive.
Think what you will of this.
I understand this is a new model for Nissan and that there will be issues on some trucks. I really do like the Titan XD. I previously owned a 2013 FX4 Ford and still prefer the new Titan but I am not driving my new truck because it has been in the shop more than it has been in my driveway. Would I tell other people to buy this truck? Yes I love it but maybe wait until next year so that you’re not the test dummy like I currently feel. Nissan is currently telling me to wait to get back the use of my business truck.
Let me know if anyone else has any problems or did I maybe buy the first lemon Nissan XD?
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. The complaint's around town are the air/boost tubes falling off the turbo. Not uncommon for diesels and a simple fix. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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