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Quad T said:
Does anybody know?

I checked the Nissan website and did not find it listed in the specifications. The reason I ask is I'm interested in the performance mods Infiniti has made to the 5.6 Endurance engine.

The QX 56 (Armada having survived Infiniti finishing school) is rated at 315 hp., an additional 10, with 390 lb.-ft. an additional 11. The Infiniti website lists the compression ratio at 9.8:1, and it requires premium fuel.

I suspect the performance increase is nothing more than revised mapping of the electronic control unit and maybe a refined exhaust and intake. However, if the compression ratio has been increased Infiniti has done some additional work tot he engine.

The Titan's engine compression is also 9.8:1. I think the difference was mentioned on another thread as being titanium lifters and some other mods.

That is about all I know, others have more indepth info if you need it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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