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To Vent or not to Vent

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So as some of you know I just picked up my 2015 Titan back in February. I've been enjoying it but I've become a little addicted to reading all your posts. Good info here by the way. Anyway as I read all these posts I see most if not all members here have done the rear axle vent mod. Which makes me question if I should do this mod or wait until my warranty runs out? The last thing I want to do is do this mod and then if something was to go wrong with my rear axle Nissan won't want to cover it because I added this mod. Do you guys suggest I do the mod now before I rack up the miles or should I wait to be out of warranty to do it? I also have noticed a very faint whine coming from the rear end while driving in the freeway and under load. The whine is not loud by no means but it is definitely there faintly. Is this an indication or something I should be concerned or does this fall under the "normal" operation thresholds? Thanks for any input.
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Thanks guys. I think I will go ahead and do the axle vent mod.
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