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Tonneau cover and 08 vs 8.5

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I am getting my 08Pro4x CC LB next week. Yeah me. I may not get one right now but have been looking for tonneau covers that will fit the 7.2 foot bed. I really like the undercover but I see on their site that theirs will not fit. Who else has them to fit the LB (7.2)?

On a separate note, is there a difference in the 08 Pro4x from 08 to 8.5 years? I see the 08 on here as 8 or 8.5 but not the pro4x. What is the difference form 8 to 8.5 anyways. May not be the right place in the forum but I know someone will answer.
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You said 08-11. I thought they stopped making the LWB for the CC in 10 due to not a big demand for it.
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