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Tonneau cover and 08 vs 8.5

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I am getting my 08Pro4x CC LB next week. Yeah me. I may not get one right now but have been looking for tonneau covers that will fit the 7.2 foot bed. I really like the undercover but I see on their site that theirs will not fit. Who else has them to fit the LB (7.2)?

On a separate note, is there a difference in the 08 Pro4x from 08 to 8.5 years? I see the 08 on here as 8 or 8.5 but not the pro4x. What is the difference form 8 to 8.5 anyways. May not be the right place in the forum but I know someone will answer.
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I have looked for Tonneau covers for the LB before to no avail. If you do find one that fits the LB let me know!
hmm, guess your LB is more of a MB. :D
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