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Tonneau cover and Bed Extender Problems

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Well I finally had time to install the RollBak cover this weekend on my Titan and am now stuck.

I flipped the rails and installed the sliding bed extender brackets first in the rails before bolting everything back down since I can't slide the bracket in with the utilitrac flipped upside down.

So now when I have the RollBak installed, the Rollbak rails that sit on top of the bed stick in about an inch or 2 on each side into the bed. Now this means that the bed extender can't be installed anymore into the sliding brackets since the extender is too wide to fit through the now reduced top opening. I was able to magically get one side in by putting it in through an angle but I can't get the other side in since the bed extender i now too wide.

For those of you guys with similar covers that stick in about an inch or 2 into the bed and flipped your utilitrac rails, how do you install your bed extender?
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Adjust down your extender!!

Torx screws, the middle pipes can slide.

When I get home, I can show you a pic.
I was thinking about that. Shrinking down the extender a little bit.

Is that how you got your extender to fit?
FourDoor said:
I was thinking about that. Shrinking down the extender a little bit.

Is that how you got your extender to fit?
I don't have an issue with mine. I was just thinking you could, more than likely get it to work that way. You may have to bend the mounting brackets slightly.
I just went out there and adjusted the extender. You are right, the mounting brackets now need to be bent since the extender now is shorter and pulling the brackets int towards the middle of the bed. This stops the brackets from sliding freely within the utilitrac.

Now i have to figur out how to bend the extender properly without having to uninstall everything since it is now a permanent part of the utilitrac.

Well at least for now the extender is mounted again in the bed.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Anyone know how best to bend the bed extender brackets on the utilitrac?
You could try heating them with a propane torch.......

Or maybe just a good ol' Hammer!!! :rofl: J/K
I've been working out a bit lately... Maybe I could just use my hands and bend em. LOL
Just did this myself for the Retrax, and you need to slightly bend your utilitrack bed extender mount to account for the shorter extender.


Here's a solution to make the brackets narrower. It's a bit of work, but a really cool mod for those with retrax + bed extender.
That is a cool mod for sure. I may have to try that since I haven't bent the bed extender yet.
Well I finally had some time this weekend to tackle this project and did a hybrid of the cleat/bed extender bracket that was done on the frontier.

I didn't have anything to grind down the metal brackets so I just decided to drill out the center hole larger on the bracket and make 2 additional holes to line up with the base of the tie down cleats. I wasn't able to place the top of the cleats on top of the bed extender bracket since I didn't cut a notch out for it but I was able to gain the 1"+ on both sides that I need to clear the tonneau cover.

Sorry no pics for now but mine basically look like the one posted on the Frontier minus the notch and the top of the cleet. I can flip the track ok now with it just barely touching the side of the Bakflip. I can also still slide the extender, although it is harder to slide now since the base is the cleet which just clumsly bumps up and down the utilitrack when you slide the extender.
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