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Pijetro said:
Hey boys and girls,

Sorry for a head dive into the posts, but i've been on a roller coaster ride the last few days....
Purchased a Demo 2007 in Illinois, and am flying from Buffalo to pick up my fifth child on Aug.25/07..
(My Ruger Win .243, Two boys, a Girl, and the latest addition to my family. An '07 Titan CC LE Silver mist...)

I'll expand on the experience in the Canadian forums soon enough...

As far as tonneau covers go, I find one very common theme.....
Ask three people's opinions, and you'll get three different answers. Tonneau covers are very hard to choose...

But it seems like the Extang Trifecta seems to be a big hit. A local seller swears by it's ease of use and quality...I'll lean to the Trifecta soon enough.
I've got a bed extender in the truck, and i'm assuming that it rides on the bottom two rails of the bed...

Do the tonneau owners here suggest using the Utilitrac system for mounting, or would you prefer to use the top of the bed?
That being said, the most important factor being, does the bed extender lay below the side tracs, that it shouldn't interfere???

Thanx so much!!!
The Truxedo Low Pro works well with the utilitrack system
and if you install the fastners one all four corners you have full use of the bed divider as well as the bed extender. So far I have put almost 5000 miles on my new one and have not had any issues related to not installing the two middle clamps that interfear with the bed divider. Truxedo only uses 4 clamps on the same cover for the Fronteer - which has a longer bed than my 2005 CC. So far - so good. Nice and tight with no leaks. I will post and let you know if it flies off the truck using it this way.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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