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Just wondering if anybody else thinks they may have had too many cars so far. I've been driving for 20 years now and seems like 19 cars and 2 motorcycles might be a lot. The Titan is by far the best.

Just wondering your list also.

1986 Kawasaki LTD
1994 Honda Magna
1969 Pontiac Le Mans
1974 Buick Apollo
1982 Ford EXP
1985 Dodge Daytona
1988 Cadillac Seville
1990 Chevrolet Silverado (2)
1995 Chevrolet S-10
1996 Chevrolet S-10
1997 Chevrolet Tahoe
1998 GMC Savanna
1999 GMC Yukon
2001 Chevrolet Silverado
2002 Hyundai Sante Fe
2003 Cadillac Escalade
2004 Chevrolet Silverado
2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer
2006 Pontiac G6
2010 Nissan Titan
2011 Hyundai Sante Fe

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Not me, I'm 30 been driving since I was 16 and still on my second vehicle. Started off with a Dodge Ram and then got the Titan in 2005.

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76 MG Midget (Fun first ride and gave me my love of British cars)
83.5 Nissan 720 KC 4WD PU (this one and my Titan are the only two brand new ones I've bought for myself)
82 Mustang (4 banger, came with the first wife)
86 Toyota 4Runner (A tank)
86 Dodge Conquest (badass little ride)
83 Olds Delta 88 (land yacht)
8X Mitsubishi Galant (put almost 200k on this one)
85 Nissan 200SX
86 (I think) Mazda B2000 (weak engine)
99 Ford Explorer (biggest POS of the bunch)
96 Mazda MX6 (fast enough, but not quick off the line)
96 Ford Ranger KC (good little truck)
05 Volvo S60 2.5T (highway cruiser extraordinaire)
06 Titan (my absolute favorite of the bunch)

Probably left out a few short-term vehicles in there.

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1996 chevrolet S-10 (gone)
2004 Ford Ranger (gone)
2006 Nissan Titan (current)

1972 baja bug (gone)
1971 mid-travel baja bug (current)...for sale

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Oh, yeah. Didn't list the motorcycles up there.

70-something Honda 550 (great learner)
80 Yamaha 850 Midnight Special (loved this bike, torque monster)
80-something Suzuki 750 (forgettable)

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I think this is everything...

1979 Mazda GLC
1976 Ford Mustang
1984 Honda CRX
1994 Chevrolet S10 Extended Cab
1994 Honda CBR 600 F2
1988 Jeep Cherokee
1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Extended Cab
1988 Chevrolet Caprice
1997 Camaro SS
2000 GMC Sierra K1500 Z71 SLE
2002 GMC Sierra K1500 Z71 SLT
1999 Nissan Maxima SE
1996 Honda Accord LX
2003 GMC Sierra K1500 Z71 SLT
2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD D-Max Crew Cab
2004 Nissan Titan

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2005 Titan SE
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82 chevy cavalier
84 ford escort(POS)
84 olds cutlass
95 nissan hardbody
96 kingcab hardbody
97 honda civic
97 nissan hardbody 4x4
01 gmc sierra
99 jeep wrangler
09 infiniti g35
04 nissan titan

also had 3 different pathfinders from 07 to 09 leased when i worked at nissan

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I'm 25 and so far the Titan is my second car. My first car was a 99 Toyota Tacoma with the 4 banger. Gutless but reliable.

Only have 2 bikes as well. I started on a 1978 Husqvarna 390 CR around 2005 and now I'm on a 1989 Honda CR500R which I've had since June 2010.

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I am 24 and have had only two vehicles besides the 88 k1500 my dad let me drive til I could buy my own truck.

My two are;
01 silverado 1500 ext cab (5.3l was a fun reliable truck never had any major problems in 5 years.
Current 2007 cc le. Just plain awesome I love it.

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I have problems. :coolsmile I'm 22 and the Titan is my 15th Vehicle and I have had a ton of different Motorcycles.

1997 F250
1997 VW Jetta Trek
2004 Toyota Matrix
2002 Chevy Avalanche 8.1
2001 Volkswagen GTI
1992 Corolla beater.
2004 Dodge Ram 1500
1982 VW Rabbit Vert
2008 Volkswagen Rabbit
1990 VW Corrado
1998 VW TDI
1986 BMW E30
1998 GMC Sonoma

Now I have:
2006 Titan
2008 Versa Daily.

96 yzf600
2000 R1
2002 cbr954rr
2007 Kawa 650r
2004 R1
2006 Raven R1
And a ton of dirt bikes.

I have issues I know. I plan on keeping the Titan for a good 5 years or so though. The Versa will go as soon as I can possible get rid of it.

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87 dodge colt
94 dodge shadow
94 Hyundai elantra ( i got the audio bug with this one)
80something dodge OMni w plym duster turbo engine (performance bug i guess?)
99 Nissan frontier kc 2wd
96 toyota avalon w a bunch of ls 400 upgrades
02 chevy maliby v6
04 nissan altima
05 nissan titan

i'm 29 now, been driving since 16

in hs my best friend an i fixed up like 20 + wrecked cars, and flipped them, was good times driving a different car in hs every other week, but they were "business cars" we both owned hence not on the above list. Some notables tho: 91 ply laser, 94 eagle talon tsi awd, 96 eclipse spyder,
94? 3000gt, few different miata's, then switched to us muscle: 72 nova rip wrecked 2 hrs after purchase, 70 chevelle w 454 ( bondo nightmare with vinyl top) 91 camaro rs.. etc

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I am 29 and I think I've only had 6 vehicles.

1. 1989 Nissan/datsun hardbody v6
2. 1999 Oldsmobile alero
3. 2002 Toyota Tacoma 2wd
4. 2000 (I think) dodge Durango POS
5. 2005 Honda accord (current)
6. 2006 Nissan Titan 4x4 (current)

I am a few beers deep and can't think of anymore vehicles I have owned. :)

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Im 22 and have had a couple.

1966 chevy impala ss (a project that never got started and is still sitting)
1995 dodge neon
1995 chevy impala ss
2000 ford focus
2003 passat
2005 ford taurus
1996 nissan hardbody
2005 titan
2006 lancer
2007 titan
current looking for another car

None are in any kind of order. Oh and did i alredy say im only 22!

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Im 25 and my Titan is my 8th vehicle out of 9 that Ive owned. 1st brand new one though.
-1994 Civic coupe -bolt ons
-1992 Civic hatch -sohc nitrous
-2000 Civic coupe -sohc turbo
-1996 Civic hatch -b16/type r frankenstein
-2004 Tacoma 4door -10"lift supercharged
-1995 Civic hatch -project
-2003 WRX sedan -stage 2
-2008 Titan Pro-4x Crew -stock
-2004 WRX STi -bolt ons

The Titan is the only vehicle that I knew I was gonna keep since the day I got it. Fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. Hauls everything I need for work, has room for my family, get me to the beach/mountains and back reliably, and looks pretty good while doing it all. Now I need to pay it off so I can get an STI wagon.

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Lets see, more or less in order of acquisition... starting in 1984

65 Impala - coupe, first car, the V8 283, what a bulletproof motor
78 Firebird - 350 - 4 spd :D - purchased with damaged front fender...the car flew
78 Firebird - 305 Auto T-Tops :) - Actually went to pull the fender off for the car above, for $75, only thing wrong with car was a broken windshield so I bought the entire car for $300 and had two birds, one for beach cruising, one for speed
58 Belair 4 Door, never restored, just drove around for a year as a 'cool car' and it was
64 Corvair - what a pain in the azz, but cool, everyone always asked if i had a death wish
79 Pontiac Grand Prix - Yeah I know why GM started slipping
78 Mustang yeah they were pieces of crap
74 Datson 240Z ( I wish I still had that 240)
90 Nissan Hardbody bulletproof, one starter in a 165k miles...nothing else corrective
1995 F150 dont miss those dual 20 gal tanks now
00 Accord bulletproof, nothing I mean nothing corrective in 125k
08 Titan

The only one bought new on that list was the Hardbody...Oh back in the 80's you could find a 'wondercar' for $500 and keep her going for 6 months to a year...a few of those were...

as for bikes
79 Yamaha Virago 750 v Twin air cooled, talk about hating traffic...
85 Honda Magna V45
83 Honda Magna V65 - Bigger is better :) nice to have a bike where the cops never looked at you but a twist of the wrist and you went from 60 to 100 in a blink

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85 Chevy Blazer (Parents gave me with blown motor, put one in from junkyard only to blow again)
89 Honda CRX
98 Ford Escort
01 Ford Explorer Sport
03 Chevy Monte Carlo SS (One of my favorites, sporty but great mileage and really comfortable)
04 Nissan Titan LE
08 Chevy Malibu LTZ
08.5 Nissan Titan SE (Current)

I'm 27, I thought I actually had more cars than that, but guess I was wrong. As with others, they are in order of acquisition.

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26 and going now on #11. Used to have a major muscle car bug. Still do just need a more reliable daily driver now.

In order
1967 camaro rs 327 v8
1967 camaro ss 350 v8
1968 camaro ss 350 v8
1968 camaro z/28 rs, incredible 302 v8
1968 gmc pickup 350 v8
1965 Chevy 2, amazing I6
1984 Mercedes 300sd 4 banger diesel.
1985 Toyota pickup 4x4, the top gear truck.
1991 Ford thunderbird, ropes this pos out at 143mph.
1996 Nissan pathfinder (just got rid of it 2 weeks ago. Only had 103k on the odo.)
2011 Nissan Titan. First new vehicle.

My next purchase, and hopefully soon, will be another 67/68 camaro for a project car.
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