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Top 10 reasons.....

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My Top 10 Reasons for buying the Titan

10: Trips to Home Depot

9: Awesome styling. The Ford was too "boxy", Dodge is old school, would not be caught dead in an Avalanche (pun intended).

8: They will only sell 100,000 this year (there will be some uniqueness, unlike Ford, Dodge, Chevy and Toyota)

7: My dog loves the beach (Acura Integra did not cut it)

6: Tons of back seat space (CC)

5: My wife loves it.

4: Growing family, 2 year old girl in house already with another daughter on the way in July.

3: I had no brand loyalty to any full size truck maker, the Titan is by far the best value.

2: Drivetrain (nuff said)

1: Somebody has to "Smoke" all those chumps with Hemis.