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This sale is for you! The customer.

Why is this sale happening?
As you may have noticed, Road Armor had a price increase a month ago. We don't like to see price increases any more than you guys, so we worked and worked to see if there was something we could do. Being the largest Road Armor distributor, we knew we had their ear. Our efforts paid off. We have convinced them to lower their pricing back down to where it was in an effort to keep these more affordable to everyone. The price increase was simply due to increased cost to build. We feel the volume we can sell will offset the increased cost they are seeing.

So, please help us show Road Armor that this was the right decision. These bumpers have NEVER been lower, and they will eventually have to raise their prices we know, but until then, we encourage everyone that can, to take advantage of this pricing. Thank you to everyone who supports us.

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