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Top light in taillight

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Doesn't look like it actually lights up unless I've missed something. Middle is reverse, bottom is blinker, what the hell is the top one..


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I was trying to find an LED replacement for the brake light bulb but nothing seems to be compatible with a PW16W (per the owners manual). The reverse lights and blinkers are plug and play but you will need flasher replay plug for blinkers front and back to prevent hyper flash. I'm in the process of trying to locate where the hell it is under the front console. Anyone else finds out let me know please! thanks

I replaced my fog lights with Phillips LED and all it did was making my traction control? TPMS, blind spot monitoring and ABS lights come on, as soon as I took them off and put back the stock bulbs, problem gone. Won't be playing no more with the lights

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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