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Touch-Up Dry Time Before Detailing

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I've ordered some touch-up paint for a couple scratches and am wondering what the dry time will be on this stuff. It should be here Friday so I'll pick up after work, but I was hoping to polish and wax the truck on Saturday. How long do I need to wait after I touch-up to detail the truck? An hour? Less? More?

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wondering the same thing here, i just washed my truck today and found a paint chip on the fender. i still need to get the touch up piant though. anyone know how much the touch up paint cost and its it easy to use? its my first time using it.
i paid 7 bucks for whatever the little bottle is... i think they're 1/2oz or something.

i'm hoping it's just a matter of 20-30 minutes to dry as i want to touch up, then polish and wax on the same day.
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