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?? Tow Package with a roll pan

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My truck is in the body shop now getting a roll pan installed. I have to lose my spare tire and tow package i have now. I have not had any luck finding a Hidden Hitch that fits snug up under the truck and the reciever comes out through the liscense plate. Has anyone come across this type of hitch made for a Nissan.
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let me know if you find one, i live in vacaville and am i need of one also. did you get a stillen rollpan or are you having one made from scratch?
Yes the Stillen roll pan and the Street Scene front grills. One of the grills had a kink in one of the bends so now I am looking at Tues or Weds before I get my truck back. It seems like there is an issue with something everytime I have something done to my truck. Do you have a Local 3 sticker in your back window?
no i don't have a sticker. where are you having the work done? i know of a few good shops around here.
Vaca Valley Auto Body over by Leasuretown and Elmira off Union Way.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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