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Towing a 31.5 Travel trailer

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I'm looking at purchasing a 31.5 foot travel trailer and I'm not sure if my titan will tow it safely!
My truck is a 06 cc 4x4 w\o tow package but I'm getting the BT gears installed this week! I also have a 6" lift and 35" tires. I have air bags, trailer brakes and a equalizer hitch will be installed .
The trailer specs are 31.5', 6,300lbs dry, 3260lbs carrying cap, 60gal fresh water, 30gal waste, 64gal gray.
Would just like some opinions if it would be ok. (would like to get the 31.5' for the growing family)

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I travel the country with my job. Every three months or so, we are living in a different part of the country. I think the shortest distance between two jobs was PA to MO, so we spend alot of time on the road, through all kinds of terrain. I tow a 31.5' Rockwood 8315SS (Hitch Weight 850 lbs. Axle Weight 4,997 lbs. Unit Dry Weight 5,847 lbs.) The only real time I have had any problems is driving east to west through northern AZ. The 60-70mph constant winds would push me around a little bit, enough to make me uncomfortable, but I would still drive about 50-55mph. All the other times, I keep it on about 60. I contribute most of the success to my truck being a LWB and also the Blue Ox SwayPro. That is hands down the best anti-sway setup you can buy. Big rigs are gonna push you around a bit when they pass you, but you get use to that pretty quickly, and that's gonna be on any setup.
Oh yeah, the gas mileage does suck. I average on flat ground about 9-10mpg and through the mountains about 6-7mpg. Thank God the LWB have a 37 gallon tank!
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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