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Towing a Travel Trailer

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This may be an ignorant question, but here goes anyhow. I have an 06 non-big tow. Bolted to the bumper is a reese receiver hitch. The rating on it is 5,000 pounds, according to the owner's manual for the Titan the bumper rating is also 5,000 pounds. My TT is 4400 pounds dry, and 7200 gross. I was told by a local that if I had the bumper welded to the frame, and the receiver bolted to the bumper, that I would be good to tow. I tow very little so I wouldn't mind saving the $220 it would take to have a frame mounted hitch installed, but not if it causes a safety issue. I'm on the fence about it because the numbers make sense, but I would like some experienced advice. Compromising safety isn't worth saving $200 bucks to me, but why spend it if it's unnecessary when I can have it welded for around $50.

Thanks for any help!
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Please get a correct hitch, but there are always options...:D

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