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Towing capacity.

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Looking for feedback. Has anyone consistently towed a 12 foot dump trailer? I have an older titan that have been on the up keep with. I love this truck but wondering if a dump truck would be the way to go? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
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I have been considering rental of a boom lift like this from Home Depot but I am not sure my Titan SV (2-wheel drive) can tow it.

I need to trim a tree or two in my yard.

What do y'all think?

Home Depot says "Towing: 3400 lbs".

There's no pic attached to your post, NRA, but if it's something that only weighs 3,400 lbs, you're in good shape.

Let me try again.

Thanks for the replies, Carbeaux and jdmartin.

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