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Towing capacity.

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Looking for feedback. Has anyone consistently towed a 12 foot dump trailer? I have an older titan that have been on the up keep with. I love this truck but wondering if a dump truck would be the way to go? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
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it's a half ton, weight will stack quickly in a dump trailer. While I have towed in the past up to 14K with a Titan with beefed rear suspension, It is hell on the tranny, and and the rear axle is a semi-floater. It's not designed for that sort of duty and without serious modifications, you'll be tearing it apart if you do it day in and out. I regularly drag between 2-7K behind my's almost daily and my trailer is almost never detached from it. If you have any sort of grades with a loaded dump trailer, you will need to always be in manual shift, or it will cook the tranny, and you will have to load the trailer rear-heavy to avoid scrapping the rear axle, which will create handling issues especially in heavy braking situations. The first gen Titan is a workhorse, and tows exceptionally well for a half ton, but it IS still just a half ton. For medium duty towing on a regular basis, you need something else, or you will be shopping for something else before too long anyway.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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