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Towing right to the limit, bad idea?

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I have a 2010 SE 4x4 with 2.93 gears, 45k miles on it (purchased new), and hope to get another 5-7 or more years out of it. I drive it only on the weekends as evidenced by the miles and until recently have only towed approx 1,500 miles with light weight 2,000 to 5,000 lbs. I've purchased a travel trailer and weighed and measured. I'm coming in right at on tongue weight and just over on tow weight (rated 7,300 lbs, weight calculations has me at 7,600 lbs). The 7600 lbs is fully loaded including passengers and gear loaded up.

Looking to haul once or twice every month or two, 200 miles each way so 400 miles round trip. There's a few hills "rolling" enough to notice, but no mountains (I'm in Florida).

I've done one trip and it seems to haul fine, definitely notice the tran temp climb and it has spiked NEAR the line about 4/5 of the way over but never hit it or sat there (I give it some RPMs when needed).

Am I riding the lightning and going to tear my truck up, or can I make it another 5-7 years and 50k miles doing this?

Thanks for any input!
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If you have trailer brakes, LT tires, common sense, and a good hitch, it'll be fine. Just keep the tranny temps under control and go easy.
The only major difference between yours and a "big tow" is the final gearing.
and 2000 pounds of towing capacity...
Right, but the only difference is the rear axle gearing.
Dubyam makes a good point, I think being legal or close to it is something to consider.
Gear selection is number one though. A torque converter will heat up fast if it's abused.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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