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Towing upgrades - Any suggestions

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Well the stars all aligned this weekend and we made two big purchases. First I found a buyer for my '06 titan and I upgraded to an '08.5 LE LWB 4x4 with big tow.
The same day we also found a screaming deal on a 'new' trailer (sold our old '92 trailer a couple of weeks ago). We ended up getting an '09 Kingsport 295 QB. This trailer is longer than I was hoping to get, but the LWB Titan should help. The GVWR rating on the trailer is 7950 lbs. ('dry' is around 6000). List on the trailer is $20k and we got it for $12.9k. Cheapest I could find one anywhere in the country is over $15k, and this is brand new, just an older model year.

Anyway, this set up is quite a bit different than my short wheelbase titan and the 24' trailer (though trailer weight isn't a LOT different). My biggest worry is the length of the trailer. Any suggestions?? I do have an Equalizer brand hitch that is rated for 12k lbs, and the dealership is going to set it up properly for the trailer, so I should be good to go there.

I hope to take a photo or two later this week when I take delivery of the trailer and will post it to that other thread soon.
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Something that could also help with sway is Airbags and better tires.
I would never trust a trailer dealer to setup anything properly. Make sure you have the equalizer instructions with you and verify all the numbers yourself.
depends on the dealer ...
Some like Firestone air bags but I dont ...

I have Airlift air bags and if you are technical and have a battery drill this should be easy.

I got mine form Summit but PRG has them as well. (PRG) is a sponsor and knows his stuff (his name is Greg).

Link: Air Lift 59554 - Air Lift Ride Control Kits - Overview -
I also have the compressor and gauge: Air Lift 25592 - Air Lift Load Controller II Systems - Overview -

I have my trailer set correctly, I did this myself and I understand how to do it. I will tell you the 40PSI in the bags helps a lot. At 40PSI I gain ~ 3 inches of lift and then every 5 PSI I get about 1/2 inch.

Why Airlift: I have both Firestone and Airlift. Airlift makes the ride better, even when you don't have a load, just air them down to between 9-10 PSI. Firestone you need to have some extra weight in the bed of the truck all the time, or the ride is crappy. The Firestone bags are good, don't get me wrong, but I would not want them on a daily driver!

I think the reason for the above is the placement of the bags.
Well if you were out here in Utah I might have to hire you to set up the equalizer and airbags. :)
Ill be there next month ... HA! I love Lake Powell
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