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christitan said:
Hi, I'm new to the site and wanted to give a little feeback on my Titan XE w/prefered package. IMO for $25,000 the Titan XE is a good value, strong V8, good towing ability, roomy, nice standard features.

BUT but I do have just one issue.
I purchased my truck in order to tow my road race car and trailer. So when I got it, I also picked up the class 3 trailer hitch, accessories, and brake controller harness. The dealer said that every Titan was pre wired for trailer brakes and all I needed was the harness. So a few days ago I go and pick up my trailer and have the brake controller installed. After about 3 hours of searching for the plug we call the dealer, he assures the trailer place and me that it's there. So I drive the hour or so to get to the dealer so he can "show me" where the plug was. "Oh, I don't see it, Let me call Nissan." "Oh, Sorry, Nissan said the XE is not pre wired for a brake controller." Needless to say, I'm a little pissed off at this point. With only 1 day till I leave on my 8 hour trip to VIR raceway, I have no trailer brakes. So I'm forced to take an extra day off work, purchase a brake controller hard wire kit, and do the install myself. What a pain itn the a**.

Anyway I got it installed and everthing went well for my trip. The truck towed like there was nothing back there. Here is a pick of my truck with trailer and car. Enjoy!
I think you get the prewire for the electric brakes on the Big Tow package. Nissan probably thinks that if you don't get the Big Tow package you won't have a need to pull something heavy enough to have electric brakes. Most dealers don't know a lot about the Titan. Almost 100% of what I have learned about the Titan came from TitanTalk members.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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