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Sorry for you troubles.

I have a SE CC and just added the "CLASS III" hitch that the dealer list for 229.00, I paid near $200 before tax. It is the exact same hitch that comes with the BIG TOW package.
The instruction are quite clear and detailed and they even give the CLASS-IV specs. The REAR wiring harness was found as advertised under the rear bumper on the left side.

My kit also included 2 relays which are inside the engine bay. You probably have the same instruction but the mention the trailer break adapter (switch) that must be purchased separately for connecting a brake controller. The wiring harness for the XE is different for many reason, alarm, remote entry door lock, power windows, upgradable stereo, fog lights etc. Why waste the money on all the extra wires if not needed for production. Again I am sorry for the hassle but I am sure you'll get it figured out.
Nice race car!!!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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