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pciley said:
Got a class IV from Ebay for $79. Heaviest hitch I've ever installed, had to use an extra pair of hands to hold it while I bolted it on.

Other than rated towing capacities, how are the III and IV different? from pictures, it just looks like the class IV extends further under the truck with an extra pair of bolts.
Nice price! I got mine, very clean (one round curved HD pipe) it's a Hidden Hitch. My Class III is only rated to pull 6000 lbs, and have max of 600 lbs tongue weight.

I didn't need a class IV, but if I would have seen that ebay deal for $79 and it was a name brand, I would have jumped on it!

Next time I buy a new truck, please be sure to post sooner!!! :boxing:

LOL Just kidding...
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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