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Is it XE,SE or LE?

If it is 08 XE tow package it should have Tranny Temp gauge but no tow mirrors. The tow mirrors are power and the XE does not come with power mirrors. If it is one of the others, I am pretty sure no tow mirrors = no tow package unless someone took them off.
CC 29 or 33 no one seems to know what that means but from previous discussions it has been determined that it has no effect on gear ratio. A good test is to go 70 mph reading off a GPS, if you your tach is reading 2K you have tow package gears.

All Titans have the tranny cooler and I believe the fan as well up to 09. I am pretty sure the Titan weights close to 5500.

Will the Titan pull a 10K trailer, sure. Is is safe and will the truck fail, I cannot answer that. All I can say is dont exceed the tow rating once you figure out what it is and you should be fine.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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