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I have a TPMS reset tool for Nissan (OTC 3831) and ATEQ TPMS universal activator tool (ATEQ VT15). These tools can be used to take care of your tire pressure light on the dash when you run bigger tires at higher psi than stock. These are new, never used. I sold my Titan before I ever used them. $100 for both, including shipping and paypal.

OTC-3831 - Tire Pressure Reset Tool for Nissan
This tool is designed to extinguish the Tire Pressure Warning Light on Nissan 03+ Nissan vehicles with TPM Reset Connector.
  • The connector end of the cable mates to the vehicle connector found behind the DLC connector under the dash.
  • The alligator clip is clipped onto the metal bracket that holds the DLC connector.
  • Once connected and the ignition is turned on, the tool trigger is pressed 5 times within 10 seconds causing the warning light to start flashing.
  • With the tool disconnected, the vehicle can be started and driven over 30 mph until the light stops flashing, which completes the procedure.

ATEQ ATQ-VT15 TPMS Sensor Activation Tool
  • VT15 is a universal TPMS sensor activator compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors.
  • Designed with hobbyists and car owners in mind, the VT15 can handle all kinds of TPMS activations. The VT15 is equipped with the latest advanced stream decoding technology that can trigger and decode sensors much faster and more accurately than previous generation devices.
  • ATEQ has a dedicated team that tracks all new TPM Sensors introduced on the market and that makes sure that ATEQ's TPMS tools sold at a given date are compatible with all the sensors that have reached car manufacturing plants.
  • With a carrying pouch.
  • Sensor compatibility: Universal tool ¨C 2 buttons to trigger all existing TPMS sensors
  • Radio stream: 1 emission LF 125 KHz LF 125 KHz to activate different tpms sensors or set up one sensor in different modes
  • Indicators: Stream on & low battery indicators
  • No display
  • Connectors: USB port
  • Power supply: 9 V battery
  • Dimensions: 155" x 50" x 30"

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