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Tracking a PRG order?

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Can this be done? I ordered a set of leaf spring shackles for my Titan back on March 20th. For those of you who have experience with PRG, do their products just take longer to get here? (I also ordered them with flat rate shipping, perhaps that's it).

By no means am I trying to bash PRG, or "Greg", I've only heard good things about him and his company. I just started getting a little concerned when they didn't arrive in the 2 week period that PRG's website said they'd be here in.

I e-mailed PRG today, late, so I'm not expecting to hear back from them tonight. Plus, I'm going wheeling next weekend, and I can't have my stockers unroll and send the leaves through my bed, that's just no fun! If any of you have any input on these orders, it'll be much appreciated!

Thanks for the help

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His website may not be as accurate on stock as he is if you talked to him on the phone. His stuff is made in batches, sometimes a part is out of stock for a little while but the site won't say it. Don't worry, it all ships within a day or so of coming in stock, if that is the issue.
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