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Trade in Customer Survey for FREE gas?

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Anyone's dealership ask you to "give the the customer survey- not filled out, and we'll give you a free tank of gas"?

Well, i finally got mine in the mail.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the service, poor follow-up and a lot of lip-service.

What would you do?
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Yep, i think most do em to make sure that they get 100% excellent on everything. I got offered 2 free oil changes though, not a tank of gas. If you were really dissatisfied i would fill it out honestly though.
Thats a bunch of BS if they can't do their job right, than they don't deserve to be in business. I would fill it out honestly and don't sugar coat it if you didn't get the service you deserve than let them know. I can't stand the dealers that are underhanded they dont deseve anyones business!
I had the same offer. My experience was good overall, so I gave good marks in most categories. Their follow-Up was for $hit, so I said as much on the report.

The whole point is to get bonus bucks to the stealer, they don't make it into your pocket, so fill it out honestly and let happen what may...
rgrtitan said:
Anyone's dealership ask you to "give the the customer survey- not filled out, and we'll give you a free tank of gas"?

Well, i finally got mine in the mail.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the service, poor follow-up and a lot of lip-service.

What would you do?
Customer Service is crap anywhere in this country. Personally I wold take the free gas or oil change. Yeah, you might cost the dealership or sales person money, but you won't change how they treat people.

Customer service is crap because the only people willing to do it work for peanuts, and the car dealership is no different. No one wants to go to work everyday and be called a crook, or thief, or be berated because something sold in their store breaks, they didn't build it.Some how customers think they can treat retail people like crap and thats ok, but if they don't bow to the customer then they are rude. The basic problem comes down to respect, treat everyone politely.

If the salesperson is being rude/dishonest or the dealership does things you disagree with leave, not giving them your business is far better than hitting them on a survey. That would apply to anywhere you shop. I haven't shopped at Walmart or Sam's Club in 3 years because of how they treat workers/customers and how they drag the American way of life down in order to hock their cheap crap made in China. Lowest price is not the best deal.
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I would put it in the survey that they offered you that deal to give it to them blank. Nissan will most likely look into it and check all their surveys.....
I don't know about your dealerships, but here I expect a full tank of gas when purchasing a new vehicle. As for a 2nd tank of free gas (gas card, etc). I would definitely give them the blank survey. I would first make a photocopy of the survey. Give them the blank original & submit the completed photocopy by mail without telling them. I would also include a letter about the dealerships survey scam. When Nissan receives 2 surveys for the same purchase, they will question it.
SO, I looked closely at the survey... and it gives me a "user name - password" that I can fill out online. :idea:

So I gave the dealer the blank survey, took the free gas and filled out the survey truthfully online. :futwice:
(They never said "don't fill it out online") Muahahaha :evillaugh

I could have told the dealer "hey, I'm not satisfied with your follow up and service" and "I'm not going to give you the survey till I'm happy". But how far would that get me? More lip service?

Ok, so that move probably makes me just as bad as them. But I got my cake and ate it too. :hungry:

But I'm done dealing with the sales guy / dealer. Using my $75 tank of free gas right now!!! .:clap:
Damn right!! I filled mine out, sealed in in a envelope and got a free tank of gas. I made sure I was empty when I went in too. good or bad I turned in the survey and that saved me about $75 at the time.
I got the same offer, except they said to fill it out & seal it in the envelope.

Since there is the on-line option, I just assumed they were opening them up & logging in.

Didn't matter to me as I was treated well & gave good marks anyway, then enjoyed my $75 tank of gas :lick:
If I intended to bash them, I'd have skipped the offer & mailed the survey myself.

FYI - if you do ever bash them, be sure to check the box saying you don't want them to share the survey with the dealer.
I *****ed 1 time about poor treatment at an Infiniti dealership on a problem with my Q45.
I'd bought 3 cars from them & been getting service there for 12 years & they dropped me
from their service reminders & coupons mailing list - JERKS !
The dealer told me the same thing. I emailed him when I got the survey. He was like sorry we don't do that anymore. We have a new manager that doesn't want to do that. This is the dealership that took 4 hours to put my IPOD interface in. The whole buying part of it was ok. I think I got a good deal and all. I went ahead and did mine online. I filled it out honestly and that was that.
damn, nissan didn't offer me that. I could have used a free tank of gas too!
I know most dealerships offer their salesmen bonuses if they get all excellents on customer service cards. Maybe they taking the cards and filling them out themselves?
Just walk it into the dealership they will give you a vochure at the nearest gas station they use for their cars/trucks. Ive done it on the last few vehicles
just wondering, do most dealerships offer this. my dealership didn't say anything about this. i just got mines in the mail a few days ago, and now i want to know how i can get some free gas. the service was great for me, but a free tank of gas would be better. if not then, ill just do it online and turn it in.
yep, my "service advisors" asked me for the surveys from two recent trips to the dealer. They offered tire balance and rotation, free truck wash(yea right).

First service, they took eight hours to rotate the tires, align the front end(toe was out), fix a rattling fan and change the came bolts. The next day I was changing my oil and noticed that the lower cam bolts had not been changed. Also, noticed that the right rear seal was leaking and the sevice tech never mentioned it. Probably the same tech that didn't change the cam bolts like the paperwork said they did. next week took it in to get the seal replaced. They replaced the seal and the cam bolts. The tech didn't clean the rear dust cover, had to do that myself also. Ten days later noticed that I was missing a lug nut on the right rear side and another was hand tight. I called the service manager and he apalogized(seemed sincere though). He told me that one tech had already been fired since my first service. I got a free 30,000 mile transmission service. The service manager gave that to me after I complained.

I was glad all the service I did get was cover under the warranty.:flame:
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I'm getting screwed i guess....
Never heard of that.....
I gave mine back to the dealer filled out, and still got the tank of gas. They got great marks because they've earned them. They wash my truck anytime I ask, and they even mounted a new set 2008 Pro 4X wheels for free. I paid the difference in dealer cost for the wheels. It's nice to know the parts manager personally. :)
I called me service dept. today and asked about a 2* timing advance. Service guy told me it was $85 dollars. He told me if I brought in my survey from a previous service he could do the timing advance for free. I brought it in and got the timing advance done for free. :jester:
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