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I know it's a long shot that someone has exactly what I want...I have this for sale locally for $3200 but I really want $2600 cash, so that I can buy myself some new rims and tires and PRG UCAs.

I want Rockstar 20" wheels with 35/12.5/20 Trail Grapplers, would settle for something similar. I have really nice pro-comp 17" wheels with unevenly worn Xtreme A/Ts that I would put towards a brand new set to help sweeten the deal.

I'm also looking for a wakeboard tower for my boat.

Oh yeah, about the's a 2005 Kawasaki KFX700. Runs great, no issues ever other than tie rod ends. I changed the oil at the end of the season last year. It's got full pro-armor skid plates and a DG swingarm skid plate. Custom rear LED taillight. I rolled it last year and cracked the plastic a little bit on the rear fender. I got it with the rims all a little bent, all the tires hold air and have decent (70%) tread left.
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