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Trade Wheels and Tires...

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I have a brand new set of 20" Pro Comp Wheels with 35" Toyos. These are in Brand New Cond. I want to trade straight across for some solid black wheels and tires or just the wheels. Possible all Polished wheels also. These wheels are awesome, they are black with chrome. I just want one solid color wheel preferably black. Let me know what ya got. I really like the KMC solid black rockstars. These wheels came on my truck when i bought it brand new. Only have 500 miles on them. Can email pics...
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Which pro comp wheels are they? And ae the Toyo's mt's or at's?
Where are you located? Can you email me some pix? I have a set of 17" AR Mojave teflons with 35" Kumho m/t's... And a set of black 18" Motometal 951's without tires.

[email protected]
I gotta set of 24" Milano 702's but they got an aluminum lip.
a yello are planning on going Disco lol
d0va said:
a yello are planning on going Disco lol
Just thinking of a set of "street & show" wheels. After I re-paint the truck I'm going to be entering some truck shows.
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