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trading the 05 for 08

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i am thinking of trading in my 05 se kc 4x2 for a cc 08. Our first baby has arrived and the kc is a little small now. My dealer said they extended the 5,000 rebate on both the 08 and 08.5. What do you think they will give me for my 05 with 21,000 miles. And will my leveling kit work on the 08. thanks
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My '05 CC 4x4 only had 10k miles and they gave me $22k (which was about kelly blue book on it). I was surprised, but it was immaculate - no scratches, no stains, no dings, dents, etc. I have no idea how I kept that from happening. Oh wait, I didn't let my wife drive it. :jester:

Sorry, I don't know about the leveling kit, but the 2008's are pretty level already.
what did you give for the 08 if they gave you so much trade in. my 05 is also in excellent condition.
I bought a '08 CC 4x4 LWB with big tow, utility bed package and popular package with bench. The price was a little over $28k. Sticker was over $35k. So net was $6k ($28k price minus $22k trade in). Was too good for me to pass up. My wife was/still is angry though. Not sure why, she drives a performance adventure vehicle.
BayStateSuks said:
she drives a performance adventure vehicle.

Sounds like advertising straight out of a BMW brochure :)
bluovalguy said:
Sounds like advertising straight out of a BMW brochure :)
She wishes - performance adventure vehicle = Honda Odyssey.
hahahahahaha now thats funny.... PAV haha. i didnt see that one comin at all... classic... lol but arent those things actually kinda quick... i mean they make CAI for them. haha. i think there was a thread on here about a titan racing one... a long time ago. seriously.
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