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Trailer/Brake/Flasher etc. wiring question

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Hey guys! New to the forum here and I have a quick question...

I have an 05 titan and all of the sudden my left trailer blinker light and brake light won't work anymore...checked at the plug, no power...did a bit of research and found that the Power Distribution Module may have gone out so I replaced it and it made no difference. I traced the wires back up to the plug under the front passenger side, unplugged it cleaned and plugged it back difference in blinker issue. I checked fuses and everything else Does anyone know what else it may be?

After playing with that plug, my MIL came on with these codes


All that from just playing with the wires...i cleared them and hopefully now they won't come back but we'll see with more driving

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!1
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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