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Trailer Lights Help

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So I have a 2004 LE and am having some issues with the trailer lights/plug. I cant seem to get power to the plug. My lights used to work fine and then I go to plug up a boat to try out the lights on the trailer and nothing. I unplugged the trailer and checked voltage at the plug and had no voltage at all. I checked the relays under the hood up by the battery by switching them around with another couple relays one at a time and that didn't do any good. Im not sure where to go from here. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I've heard of some guys getting an exhaust leak and it melting some wires in the back. You can check continuity between your brake and turn signal lights with the plug and a tail light out. It would seem if nothing is working at the plug maybe it's a ground problem. You can check that between the plug and the frame with an ohm meter.
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