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Trailer running lights won't work

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I recently had U-haul add their standard trailer hitch and 4-way/7-way adapter electrical kit to my '06 Armada. when no lights worked then I added three relays to the relay fuse box under the hood: two aftermarket blue relays for right and left trailer turn signals and a brown relay where it says Trailer Tow Power No.2

Now the turn signals work fine on the trailer and so do brake lights. But the running lights don't work.

Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks
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Check the 2 red 10 amp fuses under your dash along the steering coulmn,they're wired in-line in the BCM harness
looked under steering column but did not see two red fuses and not sure what the BCM harness looks like. mine is an '06 the BCM the same as on a Titan?
I believe so,this is a small harness wrapped in black tape either attached or running alongside the coulmn maybe a couple inches away?You are looking for 2 red mini fuses.Sorry I don't know if the Armada is the same
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