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trailer tow lighting

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on my 04 XE the trailer taillights are inop. brake and turn are fine. using the schematics and diagrams in the TM indicate the current flows thru a 10 amp fuse then trailer tow relay one. my relay/fuse box doesn't have that relay installed. i jumpered across the contacts and still do not get power to the #6 pin in the factory harness. any thoughts? the trailer lights all work hooked to my 66 Elky.
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My advice would be to get the relay, and then if problems still persist, see the dealer. You will limit his excuse of you "not having the right equipment". I have heard some other issues like this. My 04 didn't have this issue. I bought the factory hitch which came with all relays, etc. It could be current draw. I assume that you have checked fuses, etc.
thanx, my truck is exactly how yours started out, Deepwater blue XE.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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