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Driving down interstate yesterday and was looking for Titans wondering if I was the only one for hundreds of miles when wow! Here comes truck load of possible 8-10 Titans......Less than 2 miles later another load! They were heading West. Good luck to you guys up the road waiting for Titans. :cheers: Their coming to a town near you.

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They didn't happen to be going towards Minneapolis, did they? And you didn't happen to see a black le cc on the truck?! :)

Mine should be arriving this coming week, but I'm getting so anxious I'm ready to tell them to go get the one that is loaded with DVD and navigation just so I can have one already! Thing is, I'd never use the DVD player or navigation, but the sunroof would be good. And side air bags would help with insurance a little..

I'll wait it out, but it better be here! :)

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I find the Nav system is more than just a screen with a pretty map on it. With all the electrical system settings and trip options that you can observe, I found it to be worth the additional cost.

2 Trip monitors with Elapsed Time, Driving Distance, Average Speed

Fuel Economy screen with Distance to empty.

You can set the engine oil and the tire rotation interval.

Tire pressure information / FLAT TIRE - low tire air pressure displayed on the screen.

Ability to change all the vehicle's electronic systems:
Adjust driver seat when exiting vehicle
Remote unlock driver's door first
Keyless remote response - horn
Keyless remote response - lights
Auto re-lock time
Sensitivity of automatic headlights
Automatic headlights off delay
Speed dependent wiper
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