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Not sure if anyone has a busted transfer case laying around or not, but I was an idiot and damaged the flimsy dust shield that goes around the front drive shaft companion flange that bolts up to the front output of the transfer case.

The big companion nut has to be torqued down to 205ftlbs. Had my chain wrench as tight as possible around the flange, but it kept slipping, so I wedged a pry bar up there, not realizing I was bending the flimsy shield. Tried to beat it out, but there's just no way to get it perfect again. I made my own flange holding tool out of a metal bar for next time. It was such a huge pain in the @ss to get that not off.

I ordered a companion flange from, but never received it.. Waited, waited, then fired off an email, no response. Then fired off a rather non-PG Rated Email. They finally replied back & said the part number "might" be discontinued so my order was cancelled. There's an alternate part number, but they didn't even try to send that out to me or even let me know my order was cancelled.
Ordered from Drivetrain of America, but it was for the rear differential, so it was too big & obviously the wrong one. Ugh..


My original companion flange on the left. Wrong (for the Rear Differential) Companion Flange from Drivetrain of America on the right.

Reason why I need a new Companion Flange, but I only need the shield.
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