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transfer case issues - please help!

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At 16000 miles my 2005 Titan CC SE started leaking fluid. Took it to the dealer - and they replaced the black plastic control unit and tightened the bolts. They drained about 2 cups of blackened fluid full of fine metal shavings out - and refilled with Nissan D-Matic fluid. Said everything is fine. OK - so I drive the truck around for another few months - now have 21600 miles - transfer case is leaking around the drive shaft seal. I brought it back to the dealer again - the unit had run almost dry a second time in 4 months. They changed a seal, put new fluid in and said it was OK. They stated on the repair order that it only took 1/2 quart fluid. I know this is not true because I watched them pull the drain plug - and NOTHING came out except a half cup of black **** with lots of metal shavings. Then they refilled it with 2 1/2 quarts. What kind of game are they playing? - When I questioned this they said "don't worry about anything you are fully covered in case they might be mistaken - and they have never had a failure on a transfer case on a 4x4 Titan pickup. They also said I still have lots of time and milage left on my standard Nissan factory drive train waranty and the truck still drives. I am worried - because I had intended to keep this vehicle for a while and get my $$ from use far after the warranty. I usually keep vehicles at least 6 to 10 years. Please advise!
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Take it in for another opinion at a transmission shop!
Sounds like you need to find a different dealer and call the Nissan help line and report that service department. Be sure to slam them on the survey you will be getting....
I brought the truck back to the same dealer and voiced my concern. The mechanic took the Titan for a test drive with me along for the ride to show me that the transfer case was in perfect working order. It started leaking again on the ride, and a bushing seized - the one behind the drive shaft seal. Started smoking quite a bit. They now have a new transfer case on order from Nissan - and I am driving a Maxima (free loaner) from the dealer until this is worked out. Anyone know how long it takes to change a transfer case once it comes available?
Once they get the transfer case in it should only take a couple hours depending on when they get your truck into the shop. They are fairly easy to do.
OK - The new transfer case is in and seems to be working the way it should. Small problem picking up the truck - it did not start! It seems they let the battery go dead while it was in the shop. They jump started me and sent me on my way with an appology. At least it is fixed.
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