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Transfer case removal

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Hi guys I've been a long time reader and just joined tonight. :big_grin:

I bought a new truck about 6 weeks ago and my front drive shaft bearing inside the transfer case is shot. I found out by hearing a strange clicking noise coming out of the truck at low speed, sounded like a rock stuck in the tire tread. Started grabbing on things and just about puked when I found the actual issue. :eek_surprise:

So I got the drive shafts out and the exhaust pulled. The service manual calls for removing the transmission cross member. It looks as if I could pull it without doing that.

So can I pull it without removing the trans cross member? Or is there a particular reason it has to come out that I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance:smile:
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the trans cross member is just a couple bolts and probably a BFH to get out. But only one way to find out.
I wasn't able to get the crossmember out even after removing all the bolts. I pounded on it with a large dead blow hammer and even tried to pry it out no go.

I was however able to remove the transfer case without pulling it, but getting to the highest bolt connecting the transfer case to the transmission was very difficult, but in the end was doable with a combination of swivels and extensions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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