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Who's interested in one? My transfer case output bearing is going out due to my driveline angle in the rear and I was going to disassemble it to replace the bearings, then I found a guy on pirate who resplines axle shafts. I sent him a message asking if he could respline output shafts and he said thats no problem.

This way you can run a 1350 yoke and run a cv driveline right off the back of the transfer case. He would respline our 34 spline output to a more common 31 or 32 spline output that would accept a yoke off of lets say an np205.

He quoted me $250 to respline the shaft, heat treat it and all the works, then you'll have to drill and tap it (or maybe he will do it, haven't asked yet). The nice thing about our transfer case is that the black "seal" on the back of the tcase isn't the oil seal, its just a dust cover, the actual oil seal is about 8.5" into the back of the t-case.

All new t-case bearings from nissan are right around $250 or so, plus this custom shaft and however much a yoke will run, (cheap) you would have a relatively cheap sye to cure all the driveline vibes.

Some other random specs I thought I would add in just for future searches.

Output shaft spline count- 34 Involute
Output shaft diameter- 1.401"

Slip yoke spicer part number-5002464 (1350 u-joint size)
Slip yoke hub diameter- "1.770
Slip yoke spline count 32 based on 34 Involute

Transfer case bearing nissan part numbers(2004-2006)

(2) 32133x Front output bearings
(1) 33136q Input shaft bearing
(1) 33136na Mainshaft needle bearing front
(1) 33136n Mainshaft needle bearing rear
(1) 32203x Mainshaft output bearing
(1) 33140n Rear oil seal

Hope some of this info will be useful to others.

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Thanks for the part numbers. My T-Case leaks you cant imagine.
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