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Transgo DIY Install Worries.....

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Hello TitanTalk. I'm a noob to the forum and I gotta say ya'll are doing some awsome stuff on here. I find myself regularly wiping the slobber off my keyboard reading over some of the mods....Now for the business:
Finally got my Transgo Reprogram kit in today.:) I felt pretty comfortable doing a self install as I used to be in the CNC service technician field. So far it has taken about three hours and I have the valve body assy closed up and ready to bolt back up to the tranny. All went fairly smooth except the heavy springs were a bit of a pain. Anyway, my worrie/question is.... how much metal "powder" is too much on the tranny pan magnets?:huh: I was a little shocked to see so much, but then again i've never tore into an auto tranny before. If I were to see that much in a CNC machine I'd probably shut it down for repair. I will attempt to attach a photo for your review.
I cant wait to spend the next couple of days trying to wipe the stupid grin off my face:)......if all goes well.
Thanks for the help.


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Not sure as far as the transmission goes.....There's a lot of people here who know about the trans in the Titan so no doubt that you'll get an answer.....You should try changing the rear differential lube and look at all the shavings that come outta there. :p
I'll soon see... I've got that scheduled for tomorrow. Both front and rear pinion seals and both sides rear axle seals leaking:bangit:
I have "dropped the pan" on maybe 5 or 6 transmissions in various makes of cars and trucks. Everyone seemed to have about the same amount of extremely fine "powder" on the magnet. As for a size reference... maybe 15-20 ml. This is the approximate dose of NyQuil in one of those graduated caps. Maybe slightly more.

I wouldn't be alarmed by the amount in your pic. I would assume most of it is from initial break-in.
That's normal. I've had countless transmission pans off of countless cars and they all look like that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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