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Transgo installed

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So I've been wanting to do it for a while, and finally bought a bullet and ordered the kit and a new filter. Overall it took about 4 hours, but I was really taking my time and double checking everything. Took it out for a spin and it's crazy that my 6100lbs Pro4x can chirp when shifting into second gear. When driving normally you can sometimes tell its there, but it's very, very minor. When flooring it, you feel a huge difference.
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That is exactly the way it`s supposed to work, good job!
But I will say, the transgo is limited to how much trq and Hp it can handle. Level 10 is the way to go if you up the anty...

enjoy the firmer shifts!:rockon:cheers:
If I decide to get cams and an upgraded intake I think I'll go with the full trans from them. At this point will the bolt ons I have I'm sure I'll be good for a bit.

It's so much fun driving it now.
I`m sure it will handle the cams provided your clutches are in good shape.
every little bit makes the Titan better and more fun!
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