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Transmission cooler stock or optional on an '04 Titan?

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I posted this question under another thread, but started this post to get more exposure to my question with more detail.

Being new to Titans, having just bought a 2004 LE, mine appears to have two radiators with a fan both inside and outside. Lines run from the tranny up to the radiator(s) and back to the tranny. Did the 04 come with a trans cooler as standard or an option?

I have already established that i have the 3.36 gears for towing (engine turns 2000 rpms at 70 mph), but have no tranny temp gauge. I do not have the off road package that has the 3.36 gears, as i have 18" wheels and no skid plate. I was planning to buy a tranny cooler, but looked under the hood and see the two radiators, or at least it appears to be two of them. fron beneath the truck, i can put my fingers up between the two radiator cores. Else, why would there be two fans unless there are two radiators there?
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get a good brand accurate gauge. look into Autometer from Summit racing.
Are the Glowshift gauges I'm looking at not good ones? I usually read all the customer/owner reviews I can find when comparing products. The Glowshift gauge has pretty good "verified" customer reviews on Amazon. The lowest priced Autometer gauge was only $3 more than the Glowshift gauge I was looking at and had perhaps a tiny bit higher average rating. What I like about the Glowshift over the Autometer gauge was (1) the changeable readout color, (2) autodimming at night, and (3) LED vs. incandescent lighting. Also, one reviewer said he had to buy an adapter to get the sensor to fit into his tranny…didn't like that at all. I want a plug and play unit. I had enough problems getting an aftermarket radio to have sound with my Fosgate system (another post).
all depends on which series you get. a lot of gauges will have the dim feature.

in the end, buy what makes you happy...:wink:

I always swap out my bulbs for 194 LED 120°...
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