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Transmission cooler stock or optional on an '04 Titan?

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I posted this question under another thread, but started this post to get more exposure to my question with more detail.

Being new to Titans, having just bought a 2004 LE, mine appears to have two radiators with a fan both inside and outside. Lines run from the tranny up to the radiator(s) and back to the tranny. Did the 04 come with a trans cooler as standard or an option?

I have already established that i have the 3.36 gears for towing (engine turns 2000 rpms at 70 mph), but have no tranny temp gauge. I do not have the off road package that has the 3.36 gears, as i have 18" wheels and no skid plate. I was planning to buy a tranny cooler, but looked under the hood and see the two radiators, or at least it appears to be two of them. fron beneath the truck, i can put my fingers up between the two radiator cores. Else, why would there be two fans unless there are two radiators there?
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thanks. I'm thinking of not adding another cooler, but installing a deep pan for the tranny that gives me an additional 2.6 quarts of fluid which should help with the fluid cooling. The pan has a finned bottom to help the cooling and i am having a temp sensor port put in it to add a temp gauge which my titan for some reason doesn't have although it has the tow rear end (3.36).
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From what I have read from other owners i have the 3.36 rear end because it does show 2000 rpm at 70 mph. I was told that if i had the stock rear end, the tach would shouw about 1750 at 70 mph. And if i have the 3.36 rear end, then I should have either the tow package or the off road package. I don't think it is the off road package because it doesn't have a skid plate and it is 2WD. Who would want the off road package without 4WD? Therefore, I am assuming that it has the tow package even through it doesn't have a temp gauge in the instrument cluster. There is a blank circle where the temp gauge should be. Tow package or not, it is geared for towing. I might drop by the Nissan dealer and see if they can interpret my VIN to see if that can shed any light on the subject.
It has a frame mounted receiver hitch. I'm not sure if it is a class 3 or 4, but probably the latter. The hitch had a piece attached that held the connector, but it had gotten bent, which broke the connector. The connector mount could not be straightened properly, so i cut it off and will mount my new connector with a mounting bracket.

Yes, it has a tow mode switch, but i think all Titans have one. Whether the tach shows 2000 or 2100 at 70 mph may depend on the tires/wheels it has on it. My tach reading was closer to 2000. I haven't ordered a temp gauge yet. I've been looking at the Glowshift gauges. I'm debating on whether to get the analog gauge or the analog with digital readout ($53 vs $70). I'm not sure that having the digital display is worth an additional $17.
get a good brand accurate gauge. look into Autometer from Summit racing.
Are the Glowshift gauges I'm looking at not good ones? I usually read all the customer/owner reviews I can find when comparing products. The Glowshift gauge has pretty good "verified" customer reviews on Amazon. The lowest priced Autometer gauge was only $3 more than the Glowshift gauge I was looking at and had perhaps a tiny bit higher average rating. What I like about the Glowshift over the Autometer gauge was (1) the changeable readout color, (2) autodimming at night, and (3) LED vs. incandescent lighting. Also, one reviewer said he had to buy an adapter to get the sensor to fit into his tranny…didn't like that at all. I want a plug and play unit. I had enough problems getting an aftermarket radio to have sound with my Fosgate system (another post).
I'm pretty certain of my diff gears ratio. As for removing the cover, i'm doing that anyway. Three years ago i put a finned, aluminum diff cover on the '06n Frontier that I'll be selling soon. That cover was advertised as being for a Titan and i found out that my Frontier has the same Danna 44 differential as the Titan so i bought it and it fit perfectly. Now, I'll take it off the Frontier and replace it with the original cover, then I'll put the finned cover on my Titan and fill the diff with synthetic gear oil. The finned cover should keep the diff oil a little cooler. That and the oversized trans pan i'll be putting on should keep all of my fluids in the safe temp zones. I also use synthetic oil in the engines.
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