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Transmission cooler stock or optional on an '04 Titan?

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I posted this question under another thread, but started this post to get more exposure to my question with more detail.

Being new to Titans, having just bought a 2004 LE, mine appears to have two radiators with a fan both inside and outside. Lines run from the tranny up to the radiator(s) and back to the tranny. Did the 04 come with a trans cooler as standard or an option?

I have already established that i have the 3.36 gears for towing (engine turns 2000 rpms at 70 mph), but have no tranny temp gauge. I do not have the off road package that has the 3.36 gears, as i have 18" wheels and no skid plate. I was planning to buy a tranny cooler, but looked under the hood and see the two radiators, or at least it appears to be two of them. fron beneath the truck, i can put my fingers up between the two radiator cores. Else, why would there be two fans unless there are two radiators there?
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If you are right at 2k at 70MPH then you have the big tow gears. I've had both and the info you have is correct - my non-big tow that I have now runs about 1700-1800 RPM at 70mph, the big tow was right on the money at 2k RPM at 70MPH. If you've got it, that's a good thing even if you don't tow. My other Titan had a little more "oomph" off the line with the bigger gears, definitely enough to be noticeable. In fact, it was the first thing I noticed when I went from big tow to non big-tow.
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