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Transmission flush @ 145K????

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As the title states, my 04 Titan has not had a good trans flush in, well, ever...... Running fine and not slipping so

Do I leave alone
Do I do a poor man's drain/replce
or do I bite the bullet and dive in for a full flush?

Thoughts? I am leaning towards it ain't broke don't touch but would like to hear from those in the know
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Change it. Do it yourself if you can or at least try to find a good mechanic/shop that you trust. Just drop the pan and filter, clean pan, discard filter.... disconnect a cooler line , start it up and pump the rest of the fluid out of the open line (run in into a drain pan/bucket....making sure to shut it off quickly so as not to burn up tranny by running with no fluid, then install new filter, pan and refill.

Your at the time where it should be done soon. I have seen the horror stories of transmissions getting fluid changes at high mileage and failing shortly thereafter, but these were all very high mileage units (250k and up) and im still not sold on why it seems to happen ....maybe in some cases its actually worn out and all the metal shavings keep it working?

FWIW, I've been researching a tranny fluid change on the girlfriends BMW, which she just bought and has 110k on the clock. BMW states that it comes with a "lifetime" fill from the factory, but digging a little deeper, it states to change it when the computer tells you to, or at 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

So that means BMW considers 100k miles the life of an automatic transmission, or at least when a oil change should occur.
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