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Transmission help!!

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So I decided to change the transmission fluid myself the other day, didn't think anything could go wrong right, to easy of a job? Well I drained the fluid from the pan, took the pan off and changed the filter, put the pan back on an filled the tranny back up with the correct amount of fluid. I did not touch any of the wires, I even redrained and checked everything to be sure, all wires still connected and fine. I used the Castrol that's suppose to be the equivalent to matic J, yes I know nissan calls it matic S now. So the problem is that it seems like it's not hitting the last gear and that it drives at a higher rpm than normally. Used to be able to go 70 to 75 and be at 2k rpm, now it's at almost 3k at that speed. Also got it throwing a code p0740 and p0745 which says, torque converter clutch solenoid circuit and p0745 says pressure control solenoid. So my question is, how the he'll can changing the oil and filter on the tranny without touching anything else cause this? What exactly needs to be fixed and what organ am i gonna need to donate to get this fixed? Oh and she's a 07 4x4 with 120k miles and 6 inch RC lift.
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I have a similar setup, however I do not have any transmission issues. I second the idea of filling the transmission to the full line on a level location. I do know that the RC lift seems harder on the transmission since it works harder to maintain speed. Occasionally mine will stick in 4th gear while going up hill under moderate acceleration. It sounds backwards but I get mine to shift by feathering the accelerator and holding it steady. I would clear the codes and secure your battery connection. A bad battery connection can cause all kinds of random ghost symptoms to pop up

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