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Transmission issue 2007 4wd Titan

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I was driving yesterday and noticed that my transmission seemed to be slipping. I pulled off the road and saw that fluid was pouring out of the truck. Called a tow truck and had it taken to the local Nissan dealer. I was guessing a blown hose, line, or seal. They called me today and told me I need a new transmission. Does this seem reasonable? Truck has 97k miles. Had transmission flushed and fluid replaced by them at 85k miles. Never had any problems until yesterday. Any advice is appreciated.
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There are a few threads where a line broke causing fluid to be lost and that cost the transmission its life. What was the root cause of the fluid loss? The cost to repair the root cause (broken line?) and fill the transmission with fluid is a lot less than a new transmission. But if the lack of fluid trashed the transmission, only a replacement will correct that.

Had I kept my Titan I had planned to take it to Level 10 Transmissions to get a solid transmission.
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