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Trucks been bucking rapidly 5-10 times then driving off if lightly hitting the gas, almost like it's jumping from the front end, if I hit the gas hard it doesn't. That's been a week, now trans temp it's 212-197, hit the gas and it will get into high rpms then buck hard and go or it won't have any acceleration or rpm raise at all. Running like ****, guessing my trans is blown or close to it?

2 codes
P1752 input clutch solenoid valve
P0717 turbin revolution sensor

The truck drives fine if left in 3rd gear, in 4th or OD is when it will act up once it reaches running temperature and anything over 40mph. My Bulldog pulled code P0717, Circuit no signal.

I uninstalled the BDGT and did the battery terminal trick to try and reset everything with no luck. Trans fluid is dirty and needs to be replaced, truck has 92,530 miles.

Possibly TCM circuits need repaired? New Valve Body? Full rebuild? Very, and I mean very strapped for money right now....
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