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Transmission jolt while lightly accelerating

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Good Morning everybody, I am a new member but have been a fleet mechanic for 15 years, ranging from 18 wheelers to weed wackers, so I like to consider myself a competent technician... that being said, I have a 2012 Titan gas that jolts while driving down the highway and doing roughly 60-70. My first thought was momentary misfire from bad plug or injector, but I took my handy diagnostic computer out the other night and had my lady drive while we looked at houses and I searched through all the graphs and datastream in the thing, no misfire but when it does the skip the Sensor labeled "Shift Pos SW1"(shift position switch 1) goes off for a split second and back to on. Everytime the truck jolts this switch goes off and then on, so this has to be the issue, suddenly the trans is not saying it should be spinning so it releases pressure or something... anyone ever seen this or have any info on where this switch would be? I am thinking internal where it can see pressure but am not sure. Also, the manual calls for special trans fluid and my oil wholesaler doesn't have any of the ones it calls out, what are you guys using?
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At that speed, I wouldn't be sure. The Titan has a known 5th gear flat/jerky spot at about 45MPH; I've had two of these trucks and both had the same thing - but I've not heard of any problem like that at +60MPH. As for transmission fluid, get it straight from the dealer. It's not cheap. I think I paid almost 10 bucks a quart last time I bought it. I know there's a few people on here running Amsoil or Royal purple but for my money I wouldn't trust anything but dealer spec on something like a transmission.
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