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I have an 2wd 2005 Titan SE that needs a transmission. I want to get a salvaged unit but I do not know how to determine which trans to get. I have bucket seats so the shifter is in the floor but the asks if it has LSD or Non locking. How do I determine what it is. Nissan quoted me 3100 for the trans but would not tell me which trans it is. I dont want to order the wrong one. Also, does anybody know if I do buy a salvage trans can I just install, flush and drive or will a professional have to do adjustments before it can be started/driven. I was told by 2 trans shops that I cannot drop the trans and take it to be rebuilt because of pressure settings that will blow the tranny if not set properly before starting. Sorry, I have never done this before and it is a new truck to me. Thanks
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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