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Transmission Slip Electronic Related?

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I am having an intermittent issue with transmission slip in my 08 Titan XE 2wd auto trans. It seems to happen if I'm cruising at a slow speed (10-30mph), such as crossing a large parking lot. When I come to a stop, it is almost as if it stays in 3rd gear and it slips like a manual clutch. If I throw it in park and shut it off for 2 seconds, and re-start, it shifts just fine. The check engine light comes on as well. Usually the check engine light goes off after a day or so, and I get no problems...until I do another low speed drive...then the light comes on and it slips. Any ideas?
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Damn, sorry to see no one replied. might have been a sensor or something since it was kinda intermittent. Either way good luck with your new truck. what'd you get?
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